Youth Environmental Education and Outreach Program

Youth Program

Local schools, grades k – 12

Common Ground Relief’s wetlands education program introduces students to the issues surrounding coastal wetlands loss and involves them in wetland restoration efforts. This hands-on science enrichment fosters students’ appreciation for and understanding of the importance of wetlands ecosystems. Our goal is to instill in students the knowledge that they can make a meaningful contribution to the conservation and restoration of Louisiana’s wetlands.

Environmental education programming is flexible and can be designed to meet specific time frames and Louisiana Standards for Science and Social Studies. Programs may include in-school instruction, work at our nursery and/or a restoration excursion to plant Common-Ground-Relief-grown trees for our community partners. See Developing Environmental Stewards if you are an educator who is interested in teaching environmental education curriculum in your own classroom alongside Common Ground Relief field trips.

  • In-Classroom Program: Common Ground Relief experienced environmental educators will visit the classroom for an informal learning and sharing session. Students will learn about the history, function, and culture of the Gulf Coast wetlands. We will also discuss the dangers of coastal land loss and restoration strategies. This lesson is often combined with plant-based field trips.
  • Nursery Field Trip: At our state-licensed wetland plant nursery, students will learn about the different wetland plants and their importance in habitat restoration while assisting with planting seeds, grass propagation, caring for plants, and tree repotting.
  • Wetlands Planting Field Trip: Common Ground Relief provides field-based, hands-on experiences to youth during organized restoration projects. K-3 students will plant marsh grasses in designated wetland areas of local parks. Older students will travel to local swamps and marshes and plant native trees or grasses as part of a larger restoration effort.

Programs are offered at a cost of $10 per student for in-classroom instruction or a nursery field trip, and $35 per student for a wetlands planting field trip. Alternative funding arrangements may be available if a financial barrier exists.

Please check out our brochure and email to get started!