Since our inception, over 65,000 volunteers have helped Common Ground Relief realize our mission by contributing to the tangible rebuilding and restoration of homes, communities, and surrounding wetlands. Our volunteers range from a local high school student, to a corporate service group from California, to a Lower Ninth Ward neighbor, to an individual from France who has a specific interest in coastal engineering. Each volunteer and volunteer group receives proper training in the specific project, is provided the necessary tools, support and guidance, and is immersed in a tactical, task-specific project.


We strongly encourage individuals to contribute to Common Ground Relief’s efforts. Individuals may join us for an ongoing schedule, or on individual dates when wetlands planting projects, nursery care, and food pantry hours are scheduled. For weekly updates about individual volunteer opportunities, email volunteer@commongroundrelief.org or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

We planted 6,500 trees and 23,300 plugs of marsh grass in the 2020 – 2021 planting season! Though plantings are limited over the summer, we are seeking individual volunteers for the following initiatives through September 2021:

  • Tuesdays and Saturdays – Food distribution at the Levee Pantry
  • Thursdays – Maintenance at Common Ground Relief’s Nursery and/or wetlands restoration activities including iris rescue with LICI or invasive species removal.

On-Site Individuals

Individuals who volunteer with Common Ground Relief 5 days a week may be eligible to stay in volunteer housing.


Groups of kids, teens, and adults are welcome to volunteer with Common Ground Relief. We frequently work with students in high school grades 9 – 12 and at the college/university level. Groups can participate in an immersive wetlands experience that may include informal learning sessions, presentations, plant propagation and care at the Common Ground Relief Native Plant Nursery, and site-based wetlands plantings in the Greater New Orleans area.  We encourage high school, college students and others from around the country who have an interest in coastal restoration, coastal engineering, urban reforestation, water shed creation, storm water management, cultural anthropology or those who just want to get out on the water in canoes and airboats to join us.

On-Site Groups

Groups that plan to stay in Common Ground Relief housing will have one or more days of planting trees and/or marsh grasses, work in our nursery, invasive species removal and work within the Lower Ninth Ward neighborhood. “What to Expect” provides a detailed overview of the process for groups staying on site.

Off-Site Groups

Off-Site Groups can arrange for either a day(s) of tree/marsh grass planting or work in our nursery. Activities can involve being out in the water. We provide all the necessary equipment including canoes and a motor boat. We are flexible in our scheduling during the week in the event of a day of inclement weather.

Other Volunteer Needs

If you have a specific skill set that you would like to put to use, such as finish carpentry, cooking, administrative, legal, marketing, or fundraising, please contact us at volunteer@commongroundrelief.org.  We can find a special project for you given enough prior notice.

Sign Up

If you are interested in volunteering with Common Ground Relief, please fill out the applicable “Group” or “Individual” application online or email it to us at volunteer@commongroundrelief.org.

Volunteers will be required to sign our Wetlands Volunteer Waiver.