Common Ground Relief Building In The 9th Ward New Orleans

What to expect when you volunteer with Common Ground Relief...

When you arrive at Common Ground Relief, 1800 Deslonde Street in the Lower Ninth Ward, you will be met by a coordinator who will check you in and and show you where you will be sleeping. New volunteers will be given an orientation which includes a history of the organization and general health and safety information.

You must be at least 18 years of age to stay at Common Ground Relief.

We have a Zero Tolerance policy regarding physical or sexual abuse; drug use or public drunkenness; weapons of any kind; racist, sexist homophobic or any other discriminatory remarks; dishonesty and theft; illegal activity of any kind, including driving while intoxicated.

Physical and sexual violence will not be tolerated. Remember that "maybe", "I don't know" and silence mean NO as it pertains to a sexual act. Consent is saying "yes". Report any action that you feel uncomfortable about to the Executive Director immediately.

Where will I be staying?

Common Ground Relief provides communal housing for all volunteers with central air conditioning and heat. We provide bedding and towels. We do not offer camping options.

Shared bathrooms with hot showers are available on-site as are a washer and dryer.

What will I eat?

Common Ground Relief provides 3 meals per day. We do provide a daily vegetarian option as needed. Please notify staff of any food allergies that you may have.

So, it's hot down there? And it gets cold too!

Yes, Southern Louisiana is hot and humid in the summer so plan on waking earlier as our work day starts earlier to beat the heat. Remember to bring a water bottle, sun hat and sun glasses. We provide bug spray and sun screen. Winter weather might dip below freezing at some point in January or early February.

How do I get there?

Greyhound, Mega-Bus, and Amtrak all have terminals in the downtown area. Volunteers might want to bring their own vehicles to get them around town during their off hours. Bicycles may also be purchased while you are volunteering with us. Please make sure that you purchase a helmet and that you actually know how to ride a bicycle.

There is a shuttle service from Louis Armstrong International Airport to Union Station in downtown New Orleans. You may book the shuttle through their website, If arriving by bus or train please take a taxi to Common Ground Relief at 1800 Deslonde Street in the Lower Ninth Ward. Please confirm your arrival time by emailing us at

What kind of work will we be doing?

We are primarily involved in coastal restoration efforts from Monday through Friday. This entails work at our nursery, tree potting and planting, propagation. Many of our plantings involve being out in the water. We provide canoes and power boats to move plant material and volunteers. You should purchase an inexpensive pair of water shoes. Departure times for some projects may be as early as 7 am.

If you possess a particular skill such as finish carpentry, legal or marketing we can find a special project for you given enough prior notice. Accomplished cooks are always welcome.

What does my per diem charge cover?

The per diem covers project coordination, housing and 3 meals per day. Volunteers should bring their own toiletries. We have wifi in the volunteer housing unit. Volunteers make their own breakfast and lunch. Everyone helps in the preparation of the evening communal meal.