Wetlands Restoration Program

The Common Ground Relief Wetlands Restoration program was created to proactively address the dangers faced by New Orleans and the Gulf Coast Region. We work to bring immediate attention to the ecological and political causes and effects of hurricanes and off-shore drilling. The goal is to shed light on where wetlands restoration needs to happen, determine who should be responsible for doing it and then do it ourselves wherever possible.

We are also dedicated to educating as many people as possible and engaging the community in the restoration effort. The wetlands play a critical role in protecting the coast from storm surge and our goal is to continue to work in solidarity with the people of the Gulf Coast.

We continue to advocate for the restoration of coastal areas imperiled by development and engineering projects that continue to erode precious land, endanger wildlife and threaten the livelihood of centuries old communities along the coast.

To meet these objectives we provide wetland planting opportunities for short term volunteers, convention groups and local civic organizations.

We have partnered with New Orleans based Futureproof and GroundworkNOLA to have volunteers work on the installation of rain gardens and bioswales in commercial areas throughout the city. We also encourage the construction of these storm water retention systems in the landscaped areas surrounding our offices in the Lower Ninth Ward.

Education is the key to successful implementation of these systems. With GroundworkNOLA we have created a mentoring program for environmental science students at the Martin Luther King Jr. Charter School.

Save The Wetlands

The Restore the Earth Foundation has asked us to partner with them to provide volunteers for the Gulf Saver Bag Initiative in Pass a Loutre, Louisiana, where the Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico. As part of this effort we are expanding our propagation of marsh grasses in addition to the bottomland hardwood trees we currently grow. Learn more about Wetlands restoration volunteering and program.

We encourage college students and others from around the country who are interested in urban reforestation, watersheds and storm water plans to join us.

For information email wetlands@commongroundrelief.org or call 504.442.2314.