Meg Perry



Originally created to increase food security and sustainability efforts by supporting local urban agricultural initiatives throughout the city, the project has expanded to support educational activities that focus on the importance of environmental sustainability and stewardship.

Common Ground Relief's work through the Meg Perry Healthy Soil Project now encompasses coastal forest work and marsh restoration. We are expanding partnerships with local communities, other grassroots environmental groups and volunteers to being the restoration of thousands of acres of marshlands damaged by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in addition to our wetland restoration work throughout the Greater New Orleans area.

Through our partnership with the Restore the Earth Foundation and the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Common Ground Relief is responsible for recruiting volunteers for the construction and deployment of customized Gulf Saver Bags to the wetlands of Pass a Loutre, Louisiana. These bio-degradable bags, with a soil mixture containing oil eating microbes, are studded with marsh grass and mangrove. The grasses stabilize the soil and the mangrove will grow to provide nesting areas for migrating birds. To learn more about the Gulf Saver Bags Initiative, click here

The expansion of our community nursery will allow us to grow plant material for these deployments and native trees for planting throughout the region. Common Ground Relief is taking a leadership role in stewarding restoration efforts and creating programs aimed at a lifetime of environmentally focused and sustainable development.