Common Ground Relief Building In The 9th Ward New Orleans

Common Ground Relief's mission is to create resilient Gulf Coast Communities that are environmentally sustainable, financially viable and personally cohesive. We fulfill this mission by helping residents build assets that support community transformation and renewal.

Civic Duty, a socially-minded footwear company, has designed a special New Orleans themed shoe, the sales of which will benefit Common Ground Relief in New Orleans.

Civic Duty sneakers are recyclable, stylish and made from Tyvek® — a light-weight, water resistant, and extremely durable material more often known known for its use in home building and FedEx bags.

Civic Duty founder and designer, Steven Weinreb, volunteered with Common Ground Relief, helping to restore homes in the Lower 9th Ward. Weinreb was so impressed with the dedication and hard work of the other volunteers that he personally chose Common Ground Relief to be the first recipient of "Shoe for a Cause." Each year, Civic Duty will choose a different non-profit organization to support through the sale of a thematically designed "Shoe for a Cause."

To order the shoes visit Civic Duty Shoes.

Image Courtesy Civic Duty Shoes