Common Ground Relief Building In The 9th Ward New Orleans

Common Ground Relief's mission is to create resilient Gulf Coast Communities that are environmentally sustainable, financially viable and personally cohesive. We fulfill this mission by helping residents build assets that support community transformation and renewal.

Off-site Group Application

Common Ground Relief's mission is to create resilient Gulf Coast communities that are financially viable, personally cohesive and environmentally sustainable. Common Ground Relief fulfills this mission assisting residents to build assets that support community transformation and renewal.

Common Ground Relief provides volunteer opportunities that focus on the restoration of Louisiana's coastal wetlands. These projects include marsh grass and bottomland hardwood tree plantings, nursery propagation and other activities that aim at growing out plant material and using it to restore coastal salt marshes, swamps and bottomland hardwood forests.


Group Leader
(minimum required age is 14)
Emergency Contact


Nursery Projects - There is a fee of $10 per person per day for nursery projects. Nursery projects include plant propagation, potting and general maintenance of our nursery sites.

Planting Projects - There is a fee of $35 per person per day for plantings, which includes plant material, equipment, supervision and administration. Plantings take place in a wetland area within an hour drive of New Orleans.

Nursery Projects:
$10 per participant
($10 x # of participants x # of days)
Planting Projects:
$35 per participant
($35 x # of participants x # of days)

Please note that no projects will be booked without the receipt of this completed form by Common Ground Relief Wetlands.

Our planting projects involve the use of live plant material and coordination with private land owners and/or governmental agencies. We require a 25% non-refundable deposit of the proposed project fee in order to reserve the date. We must receive the balance of the planting project fee no later than 2 weeks before the planting project date.

This helps us assure the survivability of plant material and the scheduling of equipment needed to conduct plantings.

Services Provided by Common Ground Relief

  • Common Ground Relief will coordinate the planting/nursery project and logistics
  • Common Ground Relief will provide an introduction to the crisis of land loss in Coastal Louisiana and the specific site that volunteers are working to restore. This also includes an overview of safety protocols and instructions on the methods to be used in working with plants for the project
  • Common Ground Relief owns and operates its nursery. We will provide all of the plants and equipment needed to work with plants for the project.
  • Common Ground Relief does provide rubber boots for planting projects as needed. Volunteers may want to purchase a pair of water shoes for other projects where boots cannot be worn.

Requirements of the Volunteer Group

  • Communicate regularly with Common Ground Relief's Wetlands Project Manager at especially when changes affect dates or group size.
  • Provide your own vehicles for ground transportation, including proper insurance coverage.
  • Arrive at the project site on time.
  • Volunteers are required to sign the CGR waiver. Additional waivers may also need to be signed with our planting partners.
  • We expect payment to be made prior to your arrival. All checks should be made payable to Common Ground Relief, Inc. Our mailing address is 1800 Deslonde Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70117.

Please make sure you have read the entire application

Submit online or email this completed application to or mail it to:

Common Ground Relief Wetlands
1800 Deslonde Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70117

You will be notified via email from once your application is accepted.

Please allow up to two weeks for a response. Any questions should be emailed to You may also leave a voice mail message at 504-442-2314.

We look forward to working with you!