Youth Environmental Education and Outreach Program

K-12 Wetlands Education Programming

CGR's wetlands education program introduces students to the issues surrounding coastal land loss as well as involves them in actual wetlands restoration projects. The program involves classroom learning and hands-on experiential learning which is aligned with Louisiana Grade Level Expectations. Download the brochure for more information.

Although billions of dollars will be spent over the next 50 years for diversion projects and land building, the restoration and preservation of Louisiana's vital wetlands requires an enduring commitment and a long term, collective, socially and economically sustainable approach. Our Wetlands Education Program is dedicated to cultivating the future leaders and environmental stewards of Louisiana's coastal communities.

Green Infrastructure Projects

As a founding member of the Greater New Orleans Water Collaborative CGR advocates for the construction of low cost, easy to maintain green infrastructure projects for residential use in addition to tree planting for enhanced urban canopy and migrating bird habitat. We maintain several demonstration projects at our main office in the Lower Ninth Ward.

Our Garden of Eatin' and the Meg Perry Healthy Soil Project are now a part of our CGR Youth Environmental Education and Outreach Program. We grow a variety of citrus, plum, persimmon, black cherry and blue and black berries for volunteers and residents, as well as, drought resistant roses for neighbors to cut and enjoy at home. Soil testing remains a priority as residents build and renovate homes.

Rain GardensRain GardensRain Gardens

CGR Wetlands Brochure
Garden of Eatin'
The Meg Perry Healthy Soil Project